Doing Business in China : Essential Guidelines to Pave The Way For Success.

How to do business in China
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Guanxi or business protocol
Business etiquette in China
Cultural requirements to succeed.

Guidelines for doing business in China.

1. Accept business cards with 2 hands:

The Chinese have a culture of accepting things with two hands and you should always adhere to this when giving out your card or accepting theirs. Furthermore be firm in your grip when handing it out and this will mark the start of a relationship on a good note.

2. Express admiration for their culture, food, or country in some way.

This makes them feel important and massages their ego, creating a good atmosphere for a long term relationship

3. Expect after hour activities, such as karaoke, dinner, or massages:

Chinese people are prone to relationships that have strings attached but when you go out for leisure make sure you define the limit you can go.

4. Only eat everything on your plate if you want more food:

Don't eat everything on your plate if you are full because if you do your host will just serve you more.

5. Learn the language:

No matter how little, you should try and learn a few Chinese words as it will create a great impression about you.

6. Treat sensitive topics with sensitivity:

Don't touch on topics that might affect them or make them feel uncomfortable around you.

7. Don’t complain about the toilets.

You should be careful not to make unflattering remarks about the hygiene of the Chinese man's toilet because as mentioned earlier they are very sensitive.

8. It’s best to have bosses talk to bosses and techies talk to techies.

The Chinese believe in hierarchy, they don't take kindly to the idea of a junior relating with the top staff who is supposed to be calling the shots.

9. Don’t expect to put together a deal in one weekend:

The Chinese businessmen like to take their time before deciding on a proposal so don't be discouraged if they don't respond favorably at the initial stage. Patience is key.

10. Live in China for a time:

Reside in the country for a while if you have an interest in doing business in that region. It will give you greater insight.

11. Share personal information with them as it will bring them closer to you and make them trust you with information of a similar kind.

12. Treat them with respect as they treat you too so they don't feel shortchanged.

13. Always bring and offer a gift that represents where you come from. It doesn't have to be lavish.

14. Get a translator to help you conduct business meetings as English is not very pronounced in the region.

15. Don't hesitate to let them know you are Jewish because the Chinese love Jews. They are always drawn to the Jewish stereotype about being prudent with cash.

16. Make friends by doing favors when you can as it can strengthen your relationship with someone you are already friends with.

17.  Do not give room for favors that you cannot replicate to be given to you, because sooner or later you will be expected to pay back that same favor or even something higher.

18. Don't meddle in political and religious issues as these topics are kind of off limits in China.

19. Try and have one on one conversation with the people you work with to get their real thoughts on issues.

20. Connect with people of note that can add value to them. They will value this alot. "Guanxi" is basically the power of their network and if you can enhance this you will be valued.

21. Always have something to drink to resist the temptation of them offering something you might refuse and bruise their ego.

22. Take note of their attempt at speaking English and give them a sincere but kind complement.

23. They love pictures so do click away even when you are at an official event.

24. Don't eat too fast, take your time and talk while you are at it.

25. Watch out for the bones when you take a bite:

Be wary of Chinese meats as they don't cut out bones. So be careful when you munch or the dentist will be your next call.

26. Prepare for many toasts to future cooperation:

Make it a point of duty to make a toast during meals and clink your glass at the bottom of theirs to show respect. Trust me they'll go lower.

27. Always pick the right time to address a dispute and keep it personal between you and the party involved.

28. Always wear a suit or formal business wear to a meeting.

29. Take off the tie for later activities.

30. Resist compliments:

Don't be a sucker for compliments, always be modest.

We are open to your thoughts and other business practices you have gained over the years so do share with us.