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China Sourcing Services makes sourcing or procurement from China a simple task for our customers. We source from a huge variety of renowned reliable suppliers, not only in China but in Hong Kong and Taiwan too. China Sourcing Solutions carefully manage the whole supply chain right to your door no matter where you are in the world.

Our clients are varied, small enterprises to big companies. No job is too small, we will try our best to request the minimum order at all times. We also cater for innovators and will take them on a guided factory tour of their choice until their sourcing and production needs are met in full.

Our services are broken down and explained in more detail on our Services page. You can also see some of the products we source in China.

China Sourcing Services company was set up in 2009 in Hong Kong. Our main office is based there but we operate on China mainland in Guangdong Province, the factory of the world. We have warehouses in Ireland and on China Mainland. We also have staff in Ireland to deal with Irish and UK clients.

We come mainly from Ireland and have a background of mechanical engineering and quality control, spending many years working for large companies like ABB and Veolia. This gives us a big advantage in having a vast knowledge of a factory floor. China Product Sourcing is our speciality.

We outsource OEM ODM projects to our partners here who have over 30 years of experience in research and development.

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When sourcing products in China quality control is the key aspect for all of our clients. Our sourcing company in China will discuss in depth with our customers their individual needs. For 100% of the projects we will request two pre-production samples, one which will be sent to the customer and one which will remain at our office. The sample held by us will be what we use to quality control at the factory. Our research and deveopment team will guarantee you get the best and cost effective deal we can find by comparing at least five different  China suppliers.

Before final payments are made, our own staff will visit the factory and follow strict procedures to make sure all goods match the sample. We never use third parties. On succesful inspection, the containers will be loaded and moved on to our warehouses.

Our China Sourcing Company was founded in 2009 in Hong Kong. Our directors are from Ireland and our staff include people from Hong Kong, USA and China Mainland.

About four years ago we expanded into a different field, food and beverage imports. We can certify any food and beverage product with Chinese customs and prepare it for market entry. We have gained huge knowledge from this experience and we have been chosen by the EUSME as a success story.

We try our best to build a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers from the very first day we make contact. Your success is also our success. No matter who you are you will find our China Sourcing Services highly efficient, professional, honest and friendly.

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Current Project

We are currently producing a range of inflatable pubs for a customer in Australia. They are all custom made in size and design with features such as a painted fireplace inside. This company holds many outdoor weddings and functions, some which are on the beach. Inflatable pubs produced in China are very popular now. They are great value and an easy way to make money in a short space of time. All inflatable pubs made in China are strictly quality controlled by us before leaving the factory. The factory uses UV and fireproof tarp and CE blowers.

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